What We Do


Our long term experience in repairing and renovating campers and caravans has thought us how to build sustainable, fully functional, extendable and ready for all of your adventures vehicles. All of them can be extended to your choosing. Don’t hesitate and take a look at our current offers !


We carry out repair work on the camper part of all models of campers, caravans, camper cabins as well as cargo and refrigerated boxes.


Furniture for transformation of pickup or van into camper

Solar Shower

Your hot water on the road !

With the solar shower you will have water everywhere you go. It is portable, fast and the heating comes totally cost free

Solar Power Cell

With portable Solar Power Cell, you’ll have electricity for your devices wherever you are, waterproof class IP65, VRLA AGM battery technology. 


Have an idea for a custom project

Build your own custom Camper

We can start a project for your needs. Contact us